The Chefs

Andres Soldi

I grew up in Lima, Peru. An Italian-background family surrounded by food helped me realize I was about to start a big journey by studying culinary arts for 3 years at Le Cordon Bleu.

Worked for 6 months setting up a small restaurant in Los Organos, Piura (northern beach in Peru) where I got inspired by local fresh seafood and marine diversity.

After this magical experience, I became the Chef of the Australian Embassy Residence in Lima.

I moved to Melbourne after that for an Internship program at a hotel and learned so much about food and cultures from around the world.

A couple of years ago, I moved to Byron Bay to work on the best Mexican Restaurant in the area and discovered the amazing produce the east coast has to offer.

I find myself at the moment, documenting and creating as much as I can with what I can find close to me. A few amazing things I discovered in Australia and Byron: finger limes, davidson plums (very similiar to peruvian camu-camu), macadamias, lemon myrtle and many other new ingredients for us to play with.

Franco Reverditto

I grew up in Lima and began my cooking journey at the age of 15, in which I’ve learnt about authentic Peruvian food and had my first experience in the restaurant business. Whilst I was studying an Administration career, I went on a working holiday exchange program in Colorado, USA in which I began working in two local restaurants. During this trip I realised I wanted to immerse myself in the Culinary Arts and straight after I enrolled cooking school.

I was offered a job in Melbourne for a year and ended up staying in this incredible country for three and a half years more, working at an Italian restaurant. Soon after I took a job at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in Perth in which I was the Head Chef.

After having worked in some of Australia’s most renowned Italian restaurants I decided to make a lifestyle change and moved to Byron Bay, in which I became a partner at A Chef’s Pocket.

Our mission here is to promote our food, culture and music in order to offer a new experience.

We couldn’t be happier doing what we love, being your personal, local catering company!

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